About Afon Technology

Afon Technology is a medical device business on a mission to develop Glucowear, a completely non-invasive, continuous blood glucose monitor. Glucowear will empower diabetics with the information they need to better manage their condition on a daily basis.

Afon Technology receives multi million cash injection to help transform the lives of people with diabetes

Non-invasive and real time blood glucose monitoring

The multi-skilled team at Afon Technology are working on a ground-breaking technology which will turn any smart watch into a glucose monitor.

The team have developed a sensor which will sit on the underside of the wrist, attached to the user’s watch strap.

Glucowear uses low power RF/microwave technology to track and record changes in blood glucose levels, in real time.

The sensor will feed back to a companion app on a smart device to communicate blood glucose readings immediately.

Our needle free technology will give accurate and real time results all day, every day, without the need for daily finger-pricking. Our device will remove a huge degree of pain as well as hassle from the lives of people with diabetes.

Afon Technology are currently putting their sensor through rigorous testing and trials with a plan to start selling the device in 2024.

Afon Glucowear Diabetes Monitoring Device

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Why do we need the Afon device?

For years, people with diabetes have had to do finger pricks to check their blood glucose levels. More recently, new devices have come to market which offer continuous glucose monitoring and are minimally invasive, but nonetheless still invasive. 

Current Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) devices have proven to be beneficial for control and self-management.

However, a lot of people with diabetes can’t access or afford the current ‘best option’ on the market and therefore still need to perform 8 – 10 finger pricks per day.

What people with diabetes really want and need is an affordable, non-invasive solution which offers real time blood glucose readings. No need to replace the device after a short time period, no risk of the device falling off or being caught by an item of clothing, discrete placement and one less thing that needs to be replaced or ordered every month!

It has been calculated that people with diabetes have to make an extra 180 decisions every day concerning their diabetes management! Our Glucowear removes a huge amount of stress from their decision making. 

Afon Glucowear Diabetes Smart Device

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Our History

Afon Technology has come a long way since the concept of its life changing technology was discovered in 2005 by Dr Sabih Chaudhry (Founder & CEO).

Dr Chaudhry worked with the Royal Liverpool Hospital in 2013 to conduct the first trials on the technology and was also awarded the Bionow Award for Healthcare Project of the Year in 2014.

Since then, Dr Chaudhry has secured further private investment as well as being awarded grant funding and has built up a team of skilled and dedicated staff who have developed the technology for manufacture and are preparing for commercialisation.

The team at Afon Technology consists of world-renowned experts as well as people who are passionate about improving the lives of others.

Afon Technology have carried out several independent clinical trials with their Glucowear device which includes an ongoing NHS trial.

In December 2022, Afon Technology were awarded a €2.5m grant from the European Innovation Council. Afon were one of only six UK based winners to be awarded this prestigious prize funding from amongst thousands of applicants across Europe. This grant is designed to help individual start-ups and small companies to develop and scale up game changing innovations.

Afon Technology Testing